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Consultancy v/s No Consultancy

Do I need a consultancy for Medical PG in Germany

Most of the doctors face this question during their preparation for Germany. This is not an easy question to answer too. We will go through several scenarios. 

Scenario 1: You have sufficient knowledge in German language and you have contacts in Germany for the process in Germany in your absence

No. You don´t need a consultancy.

Scenario 2: If you fall into any of the following, probably you need a consultant


1. No German language knowledge

2. Requirements of documents from Germany (For eg. Defizitbescheid, Translations)

3. You don´t want to spend time with bureaucratic hurdles

4. You like to have a mentor who can guide with all steps

Which consultancy to choose for Medical Post-Graduation in Germany?

If you plan to choose a consultancy, choose somebody from Germany.You need support with process in Germany

The following things need to be considered before you join a consultancy

1. Presence in Germany

2. Experience with the process(Choose someone who has the back up of Doctors; who else will understand medical field?)

3. Proper Guidance (Not somebody advises for Health Care Management Courses!)

4. Guidance with complete process (Not just admission to a language school and the promise that the school will take care of you- No, they won´t!)

5. Quality of Services (ISO Certification or anything similar)

How do I know that my Consultancy is genuine?

All businesses need a registration. This is the best way to detect frauds in the market.

Ask for the registration. If they are not providing the same, probably they don´t have one!

Companies from Germany:

By law, all companies in Germany should provide there registration details in the Impressum section of their website. If no Impressum is there, they don´t exist in Germany.

Company form: Superior forms of company details (For eg. GmbH or higher) can be checked in the website

Just an address in Germany or Location in Google Maps is not enough! Anyone can do that.

Language & Integration Schools


Which language school to choose for Medical PG in Germany?

There are several language schools which provide special language and integration courses for Doctors. Go through their websites and additional services they provide to reach a decision.We would like to recommend some schools.


Freiburg International Academy

Charite Berlin

Akademie der medizinischen und technischen Integration (Ameti)


Mibeg Institut Medizin




All language levels

Kenntnisprüfung Training

Guidance with Approbation


Famous Charite Uni

Only C1 level

Kenntnisprüfung Training


All levels

Support with Approbation & Defizitbescheid


Only C1 level

Kenntnisprüfung Training

A comparison between all institutes in Germany are out of scope of this website. The suggestions here are only based on opinions of it´s contributors.

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