Curriculum and Structure of Medical PG Training in Germany

A Doctor is eligible for higher studies in Germany after receiving Approbation. Post-graduation in Germany are regulated by corresponding state medical councils (Landesärztekammer). The doctor can undergo medical specialization training under specialists who are authorized for training. A list of such doctors (Weiterbildungsermächtigte Ärzte) can be found on medical council websites. Once the doctor registered with a medical council for post-graduation, he or she will be provided with a Log Book with necessary stages to complete the studies. Upon completion of each step, signature has to be obtained from corresponding departments. After completion of all postings, Log Book has to be submitted back to the medical council and appointment for final exam (Facharztprüfung) will be provided. Upon passing the exam the degree of Facharzt(Specialist) will be awarded. 

Duration of Medical PG Training in Germany

The duration of medical pg training varies according to the fields. Usually it will take a minimum of 5-6 years to complete pg training in medical branches and 6-7 years in pg training in surgical branches.

Super-Specialty Training in Germany

In Germany a division of specialty and super-specialty fields do not exist. For example plastic surgery is a Super-Specialty in many countries. Whereas one can join directly for training in plastic surgery after Approbation. In the training process,training in General Surgery will also be included. 


Super-Specialty Training in Germany for foreign Specialists

To work as a Doctor in Germany, whether for Specialty or Super-Specialty, one need to obtain Approbation and fulfill all criteria for Approbation. After receiving an Approbation, the doctor has to apply to medical council for recognition of his or her Specialty. A complete recognition may not be possible due to the difference of standards of education. Then the rest of the duration of studies should be completed as prescribed by the medical council to obtain the degree in the corresponding field.


Salary during Medical PG Training in Germany

A PG Resident (Assistenzarzt in Weiterbildung) will receive approximately  4500-5000€/Month.

This is based on TV Ärzte. Most hospitals follow this salary structure.

Entgeltgruppe I: Ärztin/Arzt (PG Residents)
Entgeltgruppe II: Fachärztin/Facharzt (Specialists)
Entgeltgruppe III: Oberärztin/Oberarzt (Senior Specialists)
Entgeltgruppe IV:Leitende Oberärztin/Leitender Oberarzt 

Stufe increases according to the experience. Stufe 1 will be someone who starts their work in Germany.

Entgeltgruppe I:
Stufe 2: after one year 
Stufe 3: after two years
Stufe 4: after three years 
Stufe 5: after four years 
Stufe 6: after five years 

Night & Weekend duties during pg training

All night duties will be compensated with a day off.

Additional payment will be provided for night duties,weekend duties,holiday duties and overtime. 

Medical Post-Graduation Courses

A comprehensive list of can be downloaded from here.

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